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There is a cost involved with running and maintaining high quality gaming servers. The Rust World Foundation depends on the support of our users to offset the cost of these servers. If you enjoy playing Rust on our servers, we ask that you make a small donation.
Donation packages start at $2.50. Every little bit helps.

As a token of our appreciations people who donate can receive various in-game items to enhance their gaming experience.

Donations are made per server. Please elect the server from the list below.
You will be taken to our payment processor to complete your purchase.


Getting access to your supporter bonus usually takes about 5 minutes.
Wait a few minutes after your donation is complete then follow the instructions below.

1. Within Rust, Press "T" for the chat window.

2. In the global chat box, type /kit to see a list of all available kits.

3. Press "Redeem" next to the kit that you have purchased.
If you don't see your kit, press the blue arrows on the right to see more kits.

Some of the more resorce intensive kits (like Diamond or Platinum) must be redeemed multiple times to receive all items. You can redeem at any time before the monthly wipe.

The Armorer kit can be redeemed once per day (24 hour period) until the monthly wipe.
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