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General questions
We are a group of gaming enthusiasts operating under a company called the Rust World Foundation, Inc. The Rust World Foundation (RustWorld.CC) has been established to provide rust game server access to locations where there are currently zero or few servers, both geographically and net-wise. The aim of the foundation is to provide easy and fast access to players worldwide and to create a better gaming experience by reducing latency. We are a registered Not For Profit Company in Missouri, USA.
We are located in Southern Missouri, USA. Vsiit our contact page for more information.
No, we are not. We are a seperate entity from those companies. Our only affiliation with them is that we run their software -- much as you do.

Server Questions
The number of players varies from server to server and also depends on the time of day. These statistis are real time for our servers:

ServerActive PlayersSleeping PlayersShots FiredRockets LaunchedItems CraftedStats Updated
AU10803551232902024-07-12 07:52:15
CA1026785831802024-07-06 20:40:27
CA20131652918802024-06-09 21:32:20
EU1040236976902024-07-04 15:21:07
EU2067101181702024-07-06 20:40:00
JP1010672404124802024-05-14 09:13:44
MX21-10002023-11-08 22:12:05
PHX1000002023-08-03 20:36:21
US101146384199302024-07-06 20:42:50
US20171405423802024-07-06 20:39:53
Vanilla Servers are plain old Rust servers with very few modifications to allow gameplay the way the game was intended. Our Vanlla Servers allow PVP, meaning other players CAN kill you. The only modifications are: Increased stack size, which lets you have 5X as many items per slot than normal (for example, 5,000 stone instead of 1,000) and Locked Crate, where the game randomly creates a lootable locked crate protected by scientests at different locations on the map.
Newbie Friendly Servers are designed specifically for people new to the game or those wishing to hone their skills.

Features of Newbie Friendly Servers:
  • PVP is disabled, meaning other players can't kill you. Learn how the game works in relative peace. (The game can still kill you though -- animals, scientists, radiation, etc.)
  • Hotel plugin installed -- With this, there is a hotel you can stash your loot in and a safe place to log off in until you get your base built.
  • "Softcore" mode is enabled -- when you die, you can recover a potion of your loot, gear, and weapons at Outpost or Bandit camp.
  • Better respawn points. When you die, you can respawn at either Outpost or Bandit camp instead of on the shore.
  • Newbie vending machines selling food, tools, and weapons at a decent price.
Custom Map Servers have maps that are not the normal Rust generated maps. They are custom featuring famous places or countries or states. (For Example: Texas or Australia)

1. From the Rust home screen, press the F1 key (upper left hand corner of your keyboard.

2. A black window will appear. In the window type "connect server.name:port" and press ENTER
- For example "connect us1.rustworld.cc:28015"

3. Press ESC to close the black window.

We strive for 100% uptime and our serves are monitored for errors. If you are unable to connect to a server that you previously were able to connect to, please contact us right away and we will investigate the issue.

Be sure to check the Server Uptime Monitor to see if your server is having any issues.

Gameplay Questions
The location of the hotel will vary from wipe to wipe depending on the map layout. It is generally centrally located.
You can find it on the map. It will have a purple circle around it.

The look of the hotel will vary from map to map. It will be well marked, well lighted, and obvious.

Simply enter the hotel and enter any vacant room to rent a room. The cost is 30 scrap per day. You can store your loot safely inside and log off safely inside the hotel.

Note: As the hotel has to be created by admins, it will not exist shortly after a wipe.
Rust is a game of survival with no rules. Our admins rarely interfere with gameplay. Other users will kill you, loot you, raid your base, lie to you, trick you, steal everything you have including your base -- this is all allowed. Physical threates outside of the game, cheating, etc are things our admins will investigate. If you are having problems with another player, contact us and we will investigate.

Experienced players targeting and preying upon newbies on the Newbie Paradise servers will not be tollerated. If you are an experienced player and wish to kill, raid, or pillage please select a different server. Targeting newbies will get you banned.

Donation Questions
Our servers are free for all to use, however there is a cost associated with running these servers. We ask that players who enjoy using our servers and/or wish to support our endeavour make a small donation. You can visit our donation page for more information. Donating is optional, but extremely helpful.
Supporters receive in game gifts in exchange for their support. The particular gift(s) depend on the server and the donation level. It can be anything from a few supply signals to a full kit to a box full of stone/wood/etc. You can visit our donation page for more information.
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