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LocationServer NameIP:PortPlayersConnect
CA Montrealca2.rustworld.cc0.0.0.0:0 / Connect
EU Franceeu1.rustworld.cc195.154.191.33:280150 / 50Connect
AS Japanjp1.rustworld.cc45.63.123.76:280150 / 50Connect
MX Mexico Citymx2.rustworld.cc216.238.72.102:280150 / 50Connect
USA Seattleus2.rustworld.cc216.244.65.253:380150 / 50Connect
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LocationServer NameIP:PortPlayersConnect
CA Montrealca1.rustworld.cc192.99.32.10:280152 / 50Connect
EU Franceeu2.rustworld.cc195.154.191.33:380151 / 50Connect
USA Seattleus1.rustworld.cc216.244.65.251:280151 / 50Connect
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LocationServer NameIP:PortPlayersConnect
EU Franceeu3.rustworld.cc0.0.0.0:0 / Connect
USA Seattleus3.rustworld.cc0.0.0.0:0 / Connect
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The Rust World Foundation (RustWorld.CC) was founded with the vision of bridging the gap in server coverage for the popular game, Rust. Despite its popularity, players in certain regions of the world still face challenges in accessing game servers, either due to geographic constraints or inadequate network infrastructure. This is where the Rust World Foundation comes into play.

Our mission is to provide game server access to these underrepresented areas, ensuring that players have equal opportunities to enjoy the game without being held back by geographical limitations. Our aim is to make the gaming experience as smooth as possible, by reducing latency and providing fast and reliable access to servers.

To achieve this goal, we have registered the Rust World Foundation as a Not-for-Profit organization in Missouri, USA. This status not only aligns with our objective of providing a public service but also enables us to operate transparently, allowing us to be accountable to our stakeholders. Our team of dedicated professionals works tirelessly to maintain and upgrade the servers, ensuring that players worldwide have access to the best gaming experience.

The Rust World Foundation is committed to providing a world-class gaming experience to players, regardless of their location. Our goal is to create a more inclusive gaming community where players from all regions can participate equally. By partnering with us, players can be assured of fast and reliable server access, leading to a better and more enjoyable gaming experience.

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